Top jobs on SEEK for 2016

Australia’s highest advertising industry on SEEK for 2016 was Information & Communications Technology [ICT].  

However, despite Australia’s need to stay digitally connected and develop new technology, SEEK Spokesperson Kendra Banks said there is still strong demand for carers in our labour market.

“When we analysed our SEEK data to identify Australia’s top jobs outside of the ICT industry, based on the largest job ad volumes and growth over the past 12 months, professionals in carer roles, such as nurses and emergency services, topped the list along with engineers,” Banks revealed.

Beyond ICT, top jobs on SEEK for 2016 were:

  • Project Engineers and Drafting Engineers
  • Emergency Service Specialists and Ambulance Paramedics
  • Clinical / Medical Researchers and Nurses – Midwifery/Neo-natal

Banks said Australia’s growing population and increasing life expectancy can be credited for helping fuel growth across engineering, emergency services, medical and nursing roles.

“We don’t expect demand on SEEK to slow any time soon across these top jobs of 2016, as Australians will always need new and/or improved infrastructure and people to care for us at all stages of life,” Banks said.

Project Engineers and Drafting Engineers

Across the country, demand for Project Engineers and Drafting Engineers have increased 55.43 per cent and 39.81 per cent year on year [2016 v 2015] respectively.

The 2016 average advertised salary on SEEK for these engineering jobs were:

  • Project Engineers - $99,541
  • Drafting Engineers - $69,740

“Engineering directly supports Australia’s future infrastructure growth, so it’s not surprising our SEEK data revealed engineering roles as top jobs. These professionals are fundamental to help build residential and commercial projects to cater for our increasing population,” said Banks.

Emergency Service Specialists and Ambulance Paramedics

Nationally, Emergency Service jobs on SEEK increased 47.59 per cent y/y [2016 v 2015], while Ambulance Paramedics jobs rose 42.24 per cent y/y [2016 v 2015].

The 2016 average advertised salary on SEEK for these jobs were:

  • Emergency Services - $79,897
  • Ambulance Paramedics - $72,565

“Emergency Service Specialists and Ambulance Paramedics are vital services that have been and we predict will remain top jobs on SEEK as Australian’s live longer and our population continues to increase,” Banks said.

Clinical / Medical Researchers and Nursing [Midwifery/Neo-natal]

Job ads on SEEK for Clinical/Medical Researchers have nationally increased 41.02 per cent y/y [2016 v 2015], while nationally job ads for Nursing [Midwifery/Neo-natal] are up 50.33 per cent y/y [2016 v 2015].

The 2016 average advertised salary on SEEK for these job titles were:

  • Clinical/Medical Researchers - $80,470
  • Nursing [Midwifery/Neo-natal] - $ 71,152

“As birth rates increase across Australia, we predict specialised neo-natal nursing jobs will show continued ad growth on SEEK. We also expect Clinical/Medical Researchers will remain strong advertisers as their services are essential for enhancing the wellbeing of Australian lives through medical advancements,” Banks said.


There were 6 per cent more jobs advertised on SEEK this November than 12 months ago, with improved results across the states and territories. 

“Job ads on SEEK for Victoria [VIC] rose strongly this November, up 12.7 per cent y/y [November 2016 v November 2015].

“Driving this ad uplift are Victoria’s top advertising industries, which are Information & Communications Technology [up 14 per cent y/y], Healthcare & Medical [up 24 per cent y/y] and Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics [up 21 per cent y/y],” Banks said.

“In New South Wales [NSW], Australia’s largest labour market, advertising on SEEK was up 6.9 per cent this November, when compared to the same period last year. ICT remained NSW’s top advertising industry on SEEK this November,” she added.

In Western Australia [WA] and Queensland [QLD] it appears the declines in job advertising associated with the mining downturn have finally stabilised and are now showing tentative signs of improvement.

WA job ads are now trending slightly higher, up 0.5 per cent month on month [m/m] but still remains down 11.2 per cent y/y. Job advertising in QLD has also continued its recent improvement, with increases in the past six months. Job ads are now trending higher by 1.1 per cent m/m and up 4 per cent y/y.

“South Australia [SA] continued to have the largest y/y advertising growth of all the states and territories this November, with job ads on SEEK up 16 per cent y/y,” Banks continued.

Job ads on SEEK in other states and territories this November:

  • ACT, up 10.6 per cent y/y
  • Tasmania [TAS], up 8.3 per cent y/y
  • Northern Territory [NT], up 8.2 per cent y/y


At a national level, there has been a y/y increase of 4.5 per cent in the SEEK Employment Index this November, which points to favourable conditions for job seekers as there is slightly less applications, for each role. However, underneath this national figure there is a clear difference in candidate availability at a state and territory level.

It was a hirer’s market in WA, TAS, and the NT this November when compared to the same period last year. For each job advertised there was a higher than average number of candidates applying, creating more competition for job seekers but providing hirers with a larger pool of candidates to choose from.

“In NSW, VIC, SA, QLD and the ACT this November, there were reasonable competition conditions for job seekers and employers,” Banks said.

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