SEEK Advertised Salary Index - February

The SEEK Advertised Salary Index (ASI) measures the growth in advertised salaries for jobs posted on SEEK in Australia. This report provides a snapshot of the monthly data. The next quarterly SEEK ASI report will be released in May and will contain industry and state trends.


  • Advertised salaries rose by 0.2% for the second consecutive month, slowing the quarterly rate of growth to 0.7%.
  • Year-on-Year the Advertised Salary Index is still outpacing inflation, at 4.4%.

SEEK Senior Economist, Matt Cowgill says:

“It looks increasingly clear that wages growth in Australia has peaked.

“The labour market has cooled, and application levels are quite high, so employers no longer have to compete quite as fiercely for talent as in 2022.

“In the past three months, the SEEK ASI is up just 0.7% — which, if it continued at this pace for a full year, would see year-on-year growth at around three per cent, the slowest rate of growth recorded since before the pandemic.

“For now, we’re in a sweet spot where advertised salaries are growing faster than inflation, so workers are no longer going backwards, but they’re seemingly not growing so fast that they threaten to push inflation back up.”

Figure 1: Year-on-year growth of SEEK Advertised Salary Index

Note: seasonally adjusted. Source: SEEK.

Figure 2: Month-on-month growth of SEEK Advertised Salary Index

Note: seasonally adjusted. Source: SEEK.


About the SEEK ASI

The SEEK ASI measures the change in advertised salaries over time for jobs posted on SEEK in Australia, removing much of the effect of compositional change.

The SEEK ASI is a complement to existing data about the growth in wages and salaries in Australia, including the ABS’ WPI. The WPI is a measure of the pace of wages growth across the economy.

The SEEK ASI provides a timely and frequent read on the pulse of advertised salary growth in Australia for vacant roles.

More information about how the SEEK ASI is put together and the data files associated with this report can be found here.  


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