Job opportunities on SEEK continue to rise this July

The latest SEEK data has revealed there were 12.6 per cent new job ads on SEEK this July than 12 months ago.

Kendra Banks, Chief Commercial Officer for SEEK Australia and New Zealand, said this July all but three Australian industries on SEEK enjoyed positive advertising growth, which were Advertising, Arts & Media, Insurance & Superannuation, and Call Centre & Customer Service.

“While off a low base, the Mining, Resources & Energy industry continued to have the greatest job ad growth of all industries on SEEK, up 73 per cent y/y this July,” said Banks.

“The pick-up of exploration activities by mining companies, especially in Western Australia [WA], after cutbacks over the past few years, is driving job advertising growth on SEEK across the Mining, Resources & Energy industry.”

TABLE 1. Job Ad Growth across Australian Industries on SEEK, July 2017 v July 2016

The industries on SEEK that offered the most job opportunities this July were all industries that support the growth of Australia:


(Most job opportunities)



July 17 v July16

1 Information & Communication Technology (ICT) 5%
2 Trades & Services 28%
3 Healthcare & Medical 13%
4 Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics 19%

“It’s no surprise that the ICT industry offered the most job opportunities on SEEK this July. ICT has been the top advertising industry on SEEK for a while now,” said Banks.

“Australia is one of the most digitally connected countries in the world, and businesses are increasingly relying on technology and software solutions to support their operations. As a result, ICT professionals are in high demand to create and manage these new technologies,” Banks added.

During FY17 the national advertised annual salary on SEEK for the ICT industry was $102,574 [up 1 per cent y/y], which was considerably higher than the national average of $81,747 [up 1.8 per cent y/y].

“Many ICT roles are highly technical and hard to fill, so that’s why this industry commands high salaries,” explained Banks.


All states and territories enjoyed positive job ad growth on SEEK this July.

“The pace of advertising is picking up in our country’s largest labour markets of New South Wales [up 7.3 per cent y/y] and Victoria [14.1 per cent y/y], with ICT the top advertising industry in both states,” said Banks.

“In the mining-dominated states a recovery is underway, with ads on SEEK up 16.8 per cent y/y in WA and 20.2 per cent y/y in Queensland,” revealed Banks.

“The annual pace of ad growth on SEEK across the Sunshine State is now the strongest since 2011,” Banks added.

Tasmania enjoyed the largest job ad uplift of all the state and territories this July, increasing 22 per cent y/y. Industries fuelling this growth were; Healthcare & Medical [up 38 per cent y/y], Trades & Services [up 48 per cent y/y] and Hospitality & Tourism [up 19 per cent y/y].

“In the smaller job markets of South Australia and the NT, job ads on SEEK increased 19.8 per cent y/y and 17.5 per cent y/y, with the Trades and Services industry offering the most jobs on SEEK in these regions.

While in the Australian Capital Territory, job ads grew 4.8 per cent y/y this July.


Strong demand for candidates continues this July in many industries, including but not limited to:

  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Government & Defence
  • Education & Training
  • Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics
  • Consulting & Strategy
  • CEO & General Management
  • Real Estate and Property
  • Trades & Services.

This suggests good conditions for job seekers in these industries.


“This July there was also an increasing difference in the rate of growth between Full Time and Non-full-time job advertising on SEEK, with Non-full-time jobs growing at a faster rate. This is a trend we’ve witnessed since late 2010,” said Banks.

However, our latest SEEK data has revealed that Full Time jobs were the most advertised role type on SEEK over the past financial year [FY17].

July 2017 Employment Data Report