Growth continues this Spring, Job ads on SEEK up 12.1 per cent y/y

The latest SEEK data has revealed there were 12.1 per cent more new job ads on SEEK this September than 12 months ago.

Kendra Banks, Chief Commercial Officer for SEEK Australia and New Zealand, said the Australian labour market remained strong this September, signalling favourable conditions for jobseekers.

“This growth in September was off a high base after advertising on SEEK this August returned to the highest levels seen since 2010,” said Banks.

“Nationally, the industries that offered the most job opportunities on SEEK this September were Trades & Services, Information & Communication Technology [ICT] and Healthcare & Medical,” Banks continued.

While off a low base, the Mining, Resources & Energy industry has, for the ninth consecutive month, taken top spot for annual growth in job ads on SEEK, up 60 per cent y/y this September.

The fields across the Mining, Resources & Energy industry that had the most demand for workers on SEEK this September were:

  • Mining Engineering & Maintenance
  • Mining Operations
  • Health, Safety & Environment

“Our latest SEEK Laws of Attraction research has uncovered that candidates in the Mining, Resources & Energy industry are placing an even greater emphasis on job security than they were five years ago, even though the industry is starting to recover after the mining boom collapse. However, salary and compensation remains the number one driver of attraction to work in this industry, followed by job security then work-life balance,” said Banks.

“Growth in advertising on SEEK was also enjoyed this September by Trades & Services [up 27 per cent y/y]; Engineering [up 22 per cent y/y]; and Construction industries [up 17 per cent y/y]. This reflects strong building construction and infrastructure spending across the country, including rail and road investments,” Banks revealed.

Graph 1. Job Ad Growth across Australian industries on SEEK, August 2017 v August 2016


Job ads on SEEK rose year on year across every state and territory this September.

“South Australia and Western Australia, notched up the strongest growth in job ads on SEEK this September, up 22.6 per cent y/y and 17.8 per cent y/y respectively. In these smaller labour markets, Trades & Services was the top advertising industry,” said Banks.

Solid advertising growth was also enjoyed in the Northern Territory [up 16.4 per cent y/y] and Queensland [up 15.7 per cent y/y].

“Job ads continued rise across the country’s largest labour markets of New South Wales [up 7.1 per cent y/y] and Victoria [15 per cent y/y]. The ICT industry continues to offer the most job opportunities across both states,” said Banks.

In other states and territories, job ads on SEEK were:

  • up 10.8 per cent y/y in Tasmania
  • up 8.8 per cent y/y in the Australian Capital Territory


New job ads on SEEK for the Retail & Consumer Products industry remained flat from July to September 2017, when compared to the same period last year.

“2017 is the first year since 2014 that we’ve seen flat annual growth on SEEK for the July to September period for the Retail & Consumer Products industry,” revealed Banks.

Graph 1. Annual Job Ad Growth across Australian Retail & Consumer Products Industry on SEEK for July to September period






Retail & Consumer Products



Retail & Consumer Products




Retail & Consumer Products




Retail & Consumer Products




Retail & Consumer Products



Traditionally, the July to September period is a busy hiring time for the Retail & Consumer Products industry because hirers aim to have their seasonal teams in-place by late September and early October, ahead of the busy festive and Summer season,” said Banks.

The Retail & Consumer Products industry has faced a number of headwinds in Australia, from globalisation increasing competition for domestic retailers, subdued growth in wages and household incomes, and more recently, higher gas and electricity prices adding to cost of living pressures. A concern for a number of retailers is of course the arrival of Amazon, which is expected to tighten margins for retailers further, due to their competitive prices,” concluded Banks.

Over the past three months [July to September 2017], the most advertised roles on SEEK for the Retail & Consumer Products industry were:

  • Retail Assistants
  • Store Managers
  • Assistant Store Managers

The states and territories that offered the most job opportunities across the Retail & Consumer Products industry from July to September this year were the highly populated eastern seaboard states of NSW, Victoria and Queensland, as well as Western Australia.

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